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Steps to Become a DMTF Member

Step 1 - Determine if your company is already a member

First, check the DMTF Member List to see if your company is already a member of the DMTF. (Those interested in Academic or Alliance memberships, please jump directly to step #3.) If your company is listed, proceed to the Member Access page to get a member ID and password.

Step 2 - Learn the Benefits

If your company is not on the membership list, review the Value of Membership page to see what benefits DMTF membership offers, and what the DMTF can do for you and your organization.

Step 3 - Determine Level of Membership

Next, determine what level of membership is best. If you are a member of a company or organization, there are three levels of DMTF membership for you to consider: Leadership, Participation and Monitoring membership. Individuals may consider a Sponsored Membership. All members gain access to the DMTF Web site and other member-only materials for review. For additional details on each level of membership, visit the Membership Levels page, and check out Choosing a Membership Level to determine which level is right for you.

Step 4 - Sign up Online

Once you determine the right level of membership, Sign Up using our easy online New Member Sign-Up.