DMTF Newsletter, March 2004

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Membership Poll Coming Soon!

The DMTF will be once again conducting its annual membership poll -- and this year we'll be offering lots of fun prizes for those who participate! Be on the lookout for all the details, coming soon.


New Preliminary WBEM Specs Released

DMTF has released two new preliminary specifications for the Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) initiative: WBEM Discovery using Service Location Protocol (SLP) and WBEM Universal Resource Identifier (URI) mapping.

The WBEM Discovery specification uses SLP Version 2, which provides a flexible and scalable framework for providing clients (represented by User Agents), with access to information about the existence, location, and configuration of services (represented by Service Agents). The SLP uses Directory Agents that offer a centralized repository for advertised services, which allows the SLP to scale from very small to very large environments.

Traditionally, clients have had to know the name and access method of services. Now, WBEM Servers acting as Service Agents can advertise their services, and WBEM Clients can act as User Agents to query for the WBEM Server(s). A Directory Agent may be deployed in environments where there are many User and Service Agents.

The WBEM Discovery using SLP specification is designed to:

  • provide a mechanism that allows WBEM Clients to discover WBEM Servers
  • use existing standards and protocols for rapid development and deployment
  • provide a mechanism that scales from small environments to enterprise environments
  • provide WBEM Clients sufficient information in the advertisement to determine the WBEM Servers with which to communicate
  • scope the level of advertisement to avoid security holes

The other preliminary specification recently released, the WBEM URI mapping specification, defines the subset of URI that is specific to WBEM protocols, specifying CIM object names as URIs. A URI is a compact string representation for a resource available via the Internet. The WBEM URI will be used by WBEM protocols as the method for identifying CIM Elements.

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