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DMTF Newsletter: Volume 11, No. 1

Recap of DMTF Forum December Plugfests

During December’s Management Developers Conference (MDC), the DMTF’s Common Diagnostic Model (CDM) Forum and the SMASH Forum, which is dedicated to the interoperability of the DMTF's Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH) initiative specifications, hosted key plugfest activities to further the interoperability of these standards. The in-depth testing that took place at MDC will help refine and validate the tools to be used in the groups’ forthcoming conformance testing and certification programs.

During MDC, the DMTF’s CDM Initiative continued driving broad industry adoption of CDM. The CDM plugfest at the event was the first installment of the CDM Initiative, and provided a clear interoperable demonstration of CDM. The Plugfest included 10+ vendor-developed CDM modules installed on a variety of systems (Windows and Linux) from Dell, HP and IBM. The plugfest featured HP- and Dell-developed client applications, seamlessly accessing and managing vendor- developed CDM modules.

This is a clear demonstration that hardware vendors can create a single CDM diagnostics module, which can be seamlessly installed on multiple OEM systems. The CDM plugfest also showed the interoperability between independently developed client applications and CDM diagnostic modules – clearly illustrating the benefits of CDM adoption. More information about the CDM Initiative is available on the CDM standard page.

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