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DMTF Newsletter: Volume 12, No. 10

Message from the President: Driving the Future through Our Academic Programs

DMTF has passed an important milestone – reaching new heights for our Academic Alliance program. Now with more than 40 alliances with academic institutions from around the world, DMTF advocates providing information to faculty and students who are studying and researching management standards. An Academic Alliance membership allows access to work groups and their documents based on the interest of the particular institution. At most board meetings, the board reviews and approves applications for these alliances and makes sure they are aligned with the correct work.

This year, we were very pleased to work with IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse) and Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France, to host the first-ever DMTF academic conference: Systems and Virtualization Management 2007. The event, held October 23-24, was the industry’s inaugural workshop dedicated to academic research on standards and new technologies for systems and virtualization management.

Many DMTF industry participants traveled to France last month and presented their latest work with the attendees. Papers were presented from around the globe, including France, Spain, Germany, Tunisia, Egypt, China, India, Canada, and the USA.

It is important for the industry to work with these universities to continue the research and development of distributed systems management. This is not only an investment for today, but a key investment in the future. I hope we look for better ways to listen to their ideas, include them in our thinking and add their contributions to our work.
Winston Bumpus
DMTF President

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November 27-30, 2007
Gartner Data Center Conference
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December 3, 2007
CDM System Health Management Industry Showcase Event
Santa Clara, California (in conjunction with Management Developers Conference)

December 3-6, 2007
Management Developers Conference
Santa Clara, California

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