Management Matters, June 2008

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Preliminary Specs Now Available

Power Supply Profile

A preliminary release 1.0.0a of the Power Supply (DSP1015) has been issued. Prepared by the Server Management Working Group (SMWG), DSP1015 extends the management capabilities of referencing profiles by adding the capability to represent power supplies for manageability and describe power supplies in a redundant configuration. The power supply as a logical device is modeled as referencing the power supply physical package for physical asset information and profile versioning for the schema implementation version information.

CIM Infrastructure Specification

Version 2.5 of the Common Information Model (CIM) Infrastructure (DSP0004) was also released as a preliminary release this month by DMTF. DSP0004, prepared by the DMTF Architecture Working Group, can be used in many ways. Ideally, information for performing tasks is organized so that disparate groups of people can use it. This can be accomplished through an information model that represents the details required by people working within a particular domain. An information model requires a set of legal statement types or syntax to capture the representation and a collection of expressions to manage common aspects of the domain (in this case, complex computer systems).

Memory Resource Virtualization Profile

Another preliminary release announced this month was the Memory Resource Virtualization Profile (DSP1045). Prepared by the SMWG, DSP1045 applies the resource virtualization pattern (as defined in the abstract Resource Allocation Profile) and the allocation capabilities pattern (as defined in the abstract Allocation Capabilities Profile) to enable the management of memory resources that are allocated to a virtual computer system. The Memory Resource Virtualization Profile references additional CIM elements and extends constraints beyond those defined in the abstract profiles.

IPMI PET to Platform Message Registry Mapping Specification

The release of 1.0.0a of the IPMI PET to Platform Message Registry Mapping (DSP0244) has been announced this month. DSP0244, prepared by the SMWG of the DMTF is a document that defines the mapping from IPMI PET to Platform Message Registry. The target audience for this specification is implementers who are writing CIM-based providers or consumers of management interfaces that represent the components described in this document.

*This notification constitutes a call for Implementation Experience and Essential Patent Rights for the previous specifications.

Four Final Standards Now Available

WS-CIM Mapping Specification

DMTF recently made available version 1.0.0 of the WS-CIM Mapping Specification (DSP0230) as a Final standard. Prepared by the DMTF WBEM Infrastructure and Protocols Working Group, the goal of the specification is to produce a normative description of a protocol-independent mapping of CIM models to XML Schema, WSDL fragments, and metadata fragments. Another goal of the specification is to allow the most expedient use of current Web Services (WS) infrastructure as a foundation for implementing a WS-CIM compliant system.

Fan Profile

We also issued version 1.0.0 of the Fan Profile (DSP1013) as a Final standard. Prepared by the Server Management Working Group (SMWG), DSP1013 defines the classes used to describe the fans and the possible redundancy of the fans in a managed system. The document also defines association classes that describe the relationship of the fan to the fanís physical aspects (such as FRU data) to the sensors monitoring the fans, to other cooling devices, to redundancy status, and to DMTF profile version information.

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