Management Matters, August 2008

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Specs for Member Review

Work In Progress: Open Virtualization Format Specification

DMTF recently made available the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) Specification for a limited period as a Work In Progress. OVF simplifies interoperability, security and virtual machine lifecycle management by describing an open, secure, portable, efficient and extensible format for the packaging and distribution of one or more virtual appliances. Software developers are able to ship preconfigured, standard solutions, allowing end-users to distribute applications into their environments with minimal effort.

Preliminary Specs Now available

PCI Device Profile SM-CLP Mapping Specification

The PCI Device Profile SM-CLP Mapping Specification was recently issued by DMTF as a preliminary release (DSP0838). This specification is version 1.0.0a containing the requirements for an implementation of the SM CLP to provide access to and implement the behaviors of, the PCI Device Profile. This spec targets implementers of the SM CLP support for the PCI 117 Device Profile.

DSP0228 version 1.0.0xsd

DMTF recently issued a preliminary release of the DSP0228 version 1.0.0xsd. DSP0228 is the XML schema for the standard message registry. This document defined the structure of the standard message registry. Standard messages are used to provide a means to automate the response to errors during the configuration of a device or application or to automate the response to an alert.

DSP8000 and DSP8001 Specifications

DMTF also recently release the specs of DSP800 and DSP8001. These specs are for two XML style sheets that provide an HTML rendering of standard message registry, essentially and XML file. Each style sheet provides a difference HTML representation.

Final Standards Now Available

DMTF recently made available Physical Asset Profile specification (DSP1011). The Physical Asset Profile was prepared by the Server Management Working Group. The DSP1011 extends the management capability of the referencing profiles by adding the capability to describe the physical aspects of logical elements that the implementation is instantiating. The profile also describes the relationship between the physical elements and the profileís registration for the schema implementation and version information.

This specification targets implementers who are writing CIM-based providers or consumers of management interfaces representing the component described in this document.

Simple Identity Management Profile

DMTF also made available the Simple Identity Management Profile (DSP1034) specification. It was prepared by the WBEM Infrastructures and Protocols Working Group of the DMTF. The Simple Identity Management Profile is a component profile that provides the ability to manage local accounts on a system and to represent the local system's view of a principal that is authenticated through a third-party authentication service. This profile does not specify CIM-based mechanisms for performing the authentication of credentials.

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