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DMTF Newsletter: Volume 14, No. 5


Message from the President: The Road to Interoperability

By: Winston Bumpus, DMTF President

Many of you have seen the recent announcement of our newly formed Virtualization Management Forum (VMF). This is the latest DMTF effort to continue driving adoption of our standards. Many can attest, however, that the creation and adoption of standards and specifications is merely the beginning of the process. The promises of the standard are only fulfilled once interoperable implementations are available.

Several years ago, DMTF understood the need for - and value of - creating programs and tools to foster compatibility between various products and implementations of our specifications. The Interoperability Committee and Vice President of Interoperability position were both established to drive this important aspect of DMTF's mission. The Interoperability Committee serves as a place to coordinate and oversee the activities of our various interoperability forums, while driving consistency and efficiencies into DMTF’s overall compliance and certification programs.

Today there are three forums: the Common Diagnostic Model Forum (CDM Forum), System Management Forum (SMF) and the VMF. These forums allow constituencies from various management domains to come together and pool resources. The result is the development of plugfests, interoperability tools and compliance programs to enable the true interoperability DMTF customers demand.

Any company incorporating DMTF standards should consider joining one of these forums. The forums bring added value to companies’ products, by helping them achieve new levels of interoperability. By participating in the forums, you can help influence the requirements for product interoperability.

You may also contribute to DMTF’s work to promote interoperability by participating in the Conformance Subcommittee. This group designs common processes and functionality that all DMTF conformance programs use in various forums. This helps DMTF achieve consistency while reducing redundant efforts.

I would like to thank all of those who have gone the extra mile and dedicated time and resources to the DMTF interoperability programs. I strongly encourage everyone to join and contribute to this important work.

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