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DMTF Newsletter: Volume 14, No. 5


Message from the Chairman: Entering the Cloud

By: Mike Baskey, Chairman of the Board

On April 27, 2009, DMTF announced the formation of the Open Cloud Standards Incubator, which will focus on management of private and hybrid clouds. This is a significant development for DMTF. First, this is the first time DMTF has invoked the Standards Incubation process, providing another means of encouraging vendor collaboration in a more public and open way. This news also marks the entry of DMTF into an exciting new arena that is relevant to both our members and the wide set of customers DMTF collectively serves.

Cloud computing is a popular topic in the industry, one that holds great interest and opportunity for DMTF members. This is demonstrated by the tremendous participation of industry leaders in the recent announcement. DMTF’s entry into this space was highly anticipated, and has attracted new members, in particular Red Hat and Savvis and SunGard Availability Services LP, to join DMTF in order to participate in the Open Cloud Standards Incubator. Please join me in welcoming these three companies to DMTF.

DMTF’s Open Cloud Standards Incubator intends to establish the relevance of virtualization technology for enabling private cloud infrastructures in an evolutionary way. Along with the consumption of those virtualization technologies by leading cloud providers, DMTF will further establish the relevance of its technologies for managing IT complexity and relating the IT infrastructure to the new application and service paradigms being developed and deployed by DMTF customers.

DMTF will explore numerous areas of interest within the cloud space. We will also work with our alliance partners, and other standards organizations to further delve into the cloud industry. Security is one area of focus where both virtualization and hybrid clouds will drive new use cases that are needed to federate areas such as identities and ensure trust boundaries are defined for multi-tenant usage in the server, on the network and on storage devices. Service level agreements that span organizations with metrics rolled up from the various domains is another area where the work in DMTF can be combined with related work in other areas to address customers’ needs.

It has been an exciting first half of 2009. We are excited about the recent activities within DMTF and are excited for what is still to come.

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