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DMTF Newsletter: Volume 14, No. 11


Message from the President: Making Your Voice Heard - The Benefits of Being a DMTF Member

By: Winston Bumpus, DMTF president

Sixteen years ago, I became a DMTF member. Since then, the organization has really grown and matured. Today more than 4,000 individuals from over 40 countries around the world participate in DMTF. As membership continues to increase, DMTF continues to extend its impact and areas of focus for the organization. For instance, DMTF recently entered the Cloud Computing space. Expanding to these new activities attracts new members and boosts participation levels within DMTF as well.

There are many ways that members can benefit from participating in DMTF. DMTF is very active within the industry, participating in and sponsoring multiple industry events each year. As a sponsor of events, DMTF can offer members discounted registration fees, thereby increasing attendance and support at events. Members can display their support of DMTF's pivotal role in developing industry standards by placing a 'Member of the DMTF' sign in their booths.

Additionally, DMTF is happy to support its members' activity within the industry by providing supporting quotes for your company's press release. When DMTF members announce a product or service that implements DMTF standards, or if a company decides to join DMTF, we are more than happy to show our support of what your company is doing. For more information about receiving a DMTF supporting quote, contact our public relations team at

Online training and education are also available to members. Several presentations were created by our members to help others better understand the standards created by the DMTF. You can learn more about these educational benefits.

Another key benefit of being a DMTF member is having a better ability to impact the entire industry. Our organization as a whole is working to improve management interoperability and as members you have the opportunity to work with the visionaries of our industry.

DMTF is always looking for new ideas on how we can improve the organizations activities, materials and processes. Members have an opportunity to weigh in on the direction of the DMTF through participation in the annual DMTF member survey. This year's survey will be sent to members this month. Be sure to participate to help us better understand what is important to our members and what areas we should focus on in the coming year. Please take time to participate and help the DMTF Board and Executive Committees find ways to improve the organization.

Since 1992, DMTF has continued to play a crucial role in the management systems technology industry. The hard work of DMTF's 200+ member companies over the years has made the organization a key influencer and leader in this space. We are excited with the direction the organization is taking and its increasingly important role in our ever changing industry.

We appreciate all the work our members have dedicated to DMTF. It is your participation – whether in creating standards, making them interoperable or promoting them to our customers and your partners – that is the greatest benefit of all.

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2009 Management Developers Conference
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December 1 – 4, 2009
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